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Oliver’s Room

Even though we’re having a boy we still went with a neutral yellow/grey color scheme. He’s also unintentionally got a children’s book theme going on also which is pretty cool.


nursery 2


nursery 6


You may remember the dresser from this post. The banner is from my baby shower, and the two blankets on the side of the crib were each made for Oliver – one from his grandmother and one from a friend of ours.

nursery 3


A close up of one of the framed poems, from Where The Sidewalk Ends. The other is “Hug O War”.

Nursery1 nursery 5


A friend made the “Oh The Places You’ll Go” picture. The pram was Gabe’s when he was little – isn’t it neat?! The puffy things hanging from the ceiling were also from my baby shower. I love that we were able to use elements from it to decorate the room.

nursery 4


His book/toy shelf and laundry basket. We’ve already played with the dropcam several times. It’s a video feed that you can watch on your phone or computer, and you can even talk back to the baby. The image is super clear and it has night vision. You can also get alerts on your phone if there’s loud noise or movements.

My Book Themed Baby Shower


We had a baby shower on Saturday, and it was amazing. My step mom and sisters worked really hard at decorating, and everything looked amazing. We went with a children’s book theme, and the details were so cute. Gabe’s aunt ordered this invitation from Etsy that set the tone, and people brought children’s books to fill up his library.

1655997_10201685914854328_1421441795_n 1947980_10201685907094134_729788130_n

1656033_10201685906854128_142820512_n 1948108_10201685916534370_808590267_n 1959569_10201685908174161_1043859513_n

There was also this adorable diaper cake:


And even though most of our family knows the baby’s name by now, this still felt like a big reveal with his name all over the place. It made it feel so real!


Baby Dresser Makeover

Gabe’s mom kept a lot of things from when he was a baby. One of them was a dresser. My sister in law used it with her two kids, and now we have it for our baby.

Obviously there’s a lot of sentimental value in this piece of furniture. It’s really sweet. But I won’t lie – it was rather plain. And since I didn’t want to paint the walls in the nursery or anything I decided I wanted to give the dresser a little more personality.

Dresser Before



The color scheme of the nursery is yellow and gray, so my initial thought was to pain it yellow. But then I realized there would be a lot of matchy-matchy, and so I decided if we went with a teal color it would compliment it and still look good.

I also wanted to paint the drawers with chalkboard paint. That way for now we can write on the outside to tell our future sleep deprived selves what each drawer contains, but also when he gets older he can doodle on it. And we don’t have to worry too much about him going crazy on the walls, since it’s just chalk.

I talked with my friend Melanie about this idea, and luckily (since I’d never actually painted a piece of furniture before) this was right up her ally. We took it over to her place and she helped us sand it, wipe it down and put a few coats of paint on it.

It did require quite a bit of sanding, but we also didn’t need a primer coat or anything since we went from a lighter color to a darker color. We used a whole can of the chalkboard spray paint (we picked some up at Home Depot) but we were really thorough with the coats.

The finished product is awesome. I’m so proud of it!

Dresser After


What do you think?

When I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Dear Baby,

It was a warm Friday morning in August when I found out I was pregnant. I had the day off and I had a doctor’s appointment, an eye appointment, some errands to run, and hair appointment. A list of pretty ordinary things.

Your dad and I had been trying to get pregnant for a while, so I had an ultrasound just to make sure everything was okay. I had no idea what was waiting for me. Almost immediately the nurse said “Well I have news for you…do you see that?”. I did. I saw a tiny round circle that looked like a chickpea. I knew what that had to mean, but I needed her to say it.

“Your trying worked.”

Then there were tears. Lots of them. It’s hard to explain how you were both planned and a surprise at the same time. It took us a year, and I had started telling myself it would be just a bit longer. But that was not the case. I look back and I think I’m lucky because there were no pink lines, no wondering – there you were.

I left the doctor’s appointment in a daze with a crazy smile on my face, and suddenly my list of things to do for the day had changed. This is a theme when you have a baby, it seems. I wanted to get a University of Houston onsie to tell your dad the big news. But I had a lot of learning to do, so I also stopped to get our first of many pregnancy books.

I still had the eye appointment. I went home and took a nap, because all of sudden I had a good reason behind why I was so tired and I felt like we deserved some rest.

I still had my hair appointment. I loved that because it was a nice treat, but I also got a pretty new style, and it was a nice way to start this journey. Plus it helped move the time along as I counted the hours down before your dad got home and I could tell him about you.

The ultrasound was in a small box with the UH onsie I picked up as I sat on the couch waiting to see the right car pull in. Listened as the footsteps came up the stairs, and tried to hold my phone so I could video this big reveal but not give it away. Your dad opened his box. There more tears of joy, more laughing and lots of asking “really?!”.

We went to eat Chinese food after that, which might be totally unmemorable if it weren’t for the fortune in your dads cookie:


That night it rained really hard. We took this as good news. It also poured on our wedding day. It rained on our first anniversary too. We’re no strangers to a little storm, we’ve been told it means good luck.

Mexican Quinoa Stiry Fry

quinoa dish 2 w text

I decided to try this a couple of weeks ago after seeing a recipe for quinoa stuffed bell peppers. It’s pretty easy, and I liked it.

·         ½ to 3/4 cups of quinoa

·         1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper

·         ¼ of a red onion

·         1 can of corn

·         1 can of black beans

·         Cumin or taco seasoning

·         Cheese

·         1 cup of broth (or you could use water, but I would season the water)

Cook quinoa in broth or water. I use chicken broth for this, but you could use veggie. While that’s happening, cut bell peppers and onion into chunks. Cook stovetop until they begin to get soft.

quinoa dish 1

Add corn and black beans to bell pepper and onion mix. I actually used about a half can of corn, because I’m not a huge fan of the stuff. Sprinkle salt, pepper and cumin or taco seasoning over the mix.  (You could also add cilantro here, if you’ve got some.)

Add quinoa when it’s finished fluffing.

Stir in some cheese. Throw a little more in. (Okay that second part is optional but always how I add cheese). Now would also be great time to add in some salsa if you have some on hand. I always have some, so in goes the salsa.


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