Constant Growth

This being a personal blog and all, I’m not quite sure how personal I want to make it. So this post is going to be about my relationship with my husband, but I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, so hopefully it will  be a good balance.

Today we did a little assessment of where we stand in various places in our life right now – our physical space, finances (which we talk about often, so there was little surprise there), stress level, health, etc. I really enjoy things like this because I honestly believe that relationships (all of them) require some really active participation.

This was also good because it allows us to see where we’re on the same page, and where we aren’t, and what goals we want to work toward. I’m very goal oriented, and I do well when I set goals. Talking things out like this also helps us to not end up in a fight, or letting something linger without communicating about it. We also made sure to do a pro and con with each topic, so that we could talk about what’s good in life along with what could use some improvement.  (I think this may have been especially important for Gabe, since he rated his stress level as pretty high).


In a totally non related topic, we did some volunteer work at the Houston Marathon. I did a two hour shift on Friday, and then Gabe and I both did a 6 hour shift on Saturday. It was a lot, but it was really cool to come in contact with so many people running the marathon. Everyone was really excited about it too, which made for some great energy!


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