My New Job

This is the  big news I’ve been wanting to share with you. On Monday I start a new job. I’ll be working for Brookwoods Group as a Social Media Consultant at Shell. My past includes non profit work in the arts, so this is a big difference, but one I couldn’t be more excited about. I love Social Media, and I’m excited to be working in a big building downtown.

At a tweet-up shortly before Christmas, I met an amazing person who works at Brookwoods Group, Trish. All of the name tags said “All I want for Christmas is..” and mine ended with “a job”! After a little while of talking to Trish, she mentioned a position I might be good for, and told me to email her my resume. I was thrilled.

It was a long process (as getting a good job usually is) but getting the job was only part of what was sort of life changing about meeting Trish. The idea that someone I had just met could see some serious potential in me gave me a lot of hope and confidence. Being unemployed was hard on me in that way, but I am talented! And I knew that no matter what happened, I had that going for me.

I’m sure to give you updates along the way, and possibly some more reflections on my unemployment (it’s easier to reflect once the worrying is gone, right?). But all I can say right now is that this opportunity has me walking on cloud 9. I’m so lucky, and I can’t wait to dive in!


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