When we originally booked our trip to Europe, I really just wanted to go to Rome. It was my goal. I’d studied ancient Rome, I was excited for it. We ended up going to Paris because we got a great deal.

I won’t lie to you. Paris stole my heart.

I was hoping when we got back I could compile a list of tips. Things you wish you’d known. The people are nice, most speak English. The subway is very easy to navigate. Lunch is the big meal. Buy tickets before you go. Etc.

Ultimately my advice would just be to go to Paris. It is every bit a beautiful as you think.


Some links:

Hotel Saint-Louis Bastille – Our hotel was wonderful! The room was cute and cozy, and it was located about a block away from a train station. Our first day there was huge farmers market right outside! It’s also walking distance to several really good places to eat.

Frommers – I used their “what to do in Paris” list as a guide to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It was helpful in terms of plotting out what is around each other.

European Destinations – We used this site to book the trip, and I can’t sing it’s praises enough. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to go back, and I would use this site. It gives a lot of options for trips with multiple stops, and you can pick a cheaper hotel, or adjust as you want.


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