Sleeping Tight

After sitting down and deciding what we wanted to do to make our life a little more organized, Gabe and I decided we wanted to make our space a little more welcoming to us, so we bought a new bed.

Here’s a before:

Basically a mattress and boxspring on the floor. A trip to Ikea later and:

Ikea Hemnes Bed

It’s a king sized bed! It’s so much more room. And I love our new bedding. Here’s a close up:

I was a little hesitant at first to spend so much money, since buying a bigger bed also meant a new comforter, sheets, etc. But I recently read that you spend half of your life in bed, and we also wanted to really make our place feel “homey”.

I don’t mind living in apartment at all (it allows for great location with a lower price) but sometimes it feels like we have to do some work to make it feel like our own. I’d love add a few pieces of art or maybe some pictures on the wall. It’s a process!


Update: This post gets a lot of hits from people searching about the Hemnes bed. I think it’s because you don’t learn a lot about it from Ikea – I remember searching around too. So I just thought I’d add something more helpful for you guys. the bed is great – both the mattress and the frame. We bought the wooden slats that go with it, and I was skeptical but they actually work really well. A little creaky right at first, but now they are fine. The mattress is comfortable too – we don’t have a boxspring, and I can’t tell the difference at all. The bed, and the mattress if you need a new one of those too, are totally a steal and worth it.


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