From Steve Coleman

Do you guys assign your dreams meanings? Or do you think their just dreams? Or does it depend?

In the last week or so, I’ve had some strange dreams. Last Tuesday, I had a dream where all of my teeth fell out. I’ve had it a lot, but it seems to get worse and worse each time. And it never fails to terrify me. I’ve been informed it means I’m worried about how others perceive me.

When I have a dream that I feel strongly about, or that I remember very clearly when I wake up, I do think my mind is trying to tell me something. Trying to decode that isn’t always easy. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it.

I also think it’s a sign when I have dreams about other people. I also had a dream recently where a friend opened her own store. She’s very artistic so I think maybe this could be a good omen for her!

A while back I really wanted a dream catcher. Maybe it’s time to get one.


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