Saturday Adventures

I have a couple of friends that recently moved away. And it’s always tough when friends move, but the things that’s been hardest on me is replacing our weekend adventures.

When we had a low profile day, you know with no real plans, we’d just go around Houston and do whatever there was to do. Museums, coffee shops, concerts, whatever. And it was always fun.

This weekend, my friend Jeremy brought his grandmother into town and we hopped around the city like we used to.

Byzantine Fresco Chapel interior. Photo: © Paul Warchol

We visited the Byzantine Fresco Chapel. This has a cool story, the frescos inside were stolen, and the owners of the Menil collection saved them, and built this special space. They’re being returned to where they belong, so this may be the last time we got to see them.

I had to lift a photo from the website for that, because they don’t allow pictures inside, and I respect that.

Then we went over to eat lunch at a cute little burger place, and explore some vintage shops.

The big thing (for Jeremy and his Grandma) was seeing the King Tut exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Jeremy even bought candy cigarettes for the occasion.

Later that afternoon, we also got a chance to see another friend that lives in Dallas.

It was a really good Saturday.


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