Waffle Sandwiches

This morning I decided I really wanted to try a new Food Tuck I’ve had my eye on. It’s called The Waffle Bus and it serves a variety of sandwiches on waffles, along with some dessert values.

It was nice weather as far as temperature goes, but it was still pretty wet from a lot of overnight rain. It didn’t mean there wasn’t a line though. A long line. But it was worth it for a couple of reasons.

After they called out an order for “Owen” Gabe nudged me and handed me his phone. “I think that’s Owen Daniels, from the Texans” he said, showing me a picture. Turns out it was.

Gabe was totally star struck.

After a long wait in a line, but a shorter wait for food we finally got what we’d come for. A waffle sandwich with a piece of fried chicken, covered in honey and chipotle sauce and a side of waffle fries.

It was really good. We also got a dessert waffle sandwich, pretty much a smore served in the middle of a waffle.

They were all really good. The thing is, we had waited so long we still felt slightly hungry afterward, but at least now we know what to expect.

Houston has such a good food truck scene. I know they’re becoming popular in a lot of places, but I can say all of the ones around here are good food and creative ideas. And they (mostly) all seem friendly with each other, which is another plus.


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