Our 4 Month Challenge

With the new year arriving a little over a month ago, it didn’t take long for me to roll my eyes at people’s resolutions to loose 30 pounds. Mostly because for half of them that just means pinning quotes about losing weight, and I think that a significant number of the others  also have body image issues. I might be a bigger girl, but I’m on a constant mission to try to at least lean toward healthy. I love dessert, but I also love fruits and veggies.

Gabe is also a bigger guy. We’re big people. It’s the way we are. But over the years, Gabe has been diagnosed with some (mostly minor) health problems, a variety of them related to his weight. And I worry about him. And I’ve tried to encourage him to loose weight, but it’s hard.

I finally came up with a solution to solve several problems. Gabe has been begging me for a new TV. If you ask me, the one we have is perfectly fine. It was also a point of financial contention early in our relationship, so I’m not eager to go through buying another one. Plus, we don’t even have cable. Who cares?

So I made Gabe a deal. 4 months. If he looses more weight than me, he can have a new TV. If I loose the most weight, no TV. We’ve agreed I can spend and equal or lesser amount on something I want (so many possibilities!) and the TV issue is off the table.

We’re both fairly competitive, so I think this will work. Mostly, I’m hoping that the timeline is long enough that once we get into the habit of eating better (consistently) and exercising we’ll notice that we feel better, and that it’s an doable goal, we can keep it up. But it’s not so long (say, a year) that we’d give up.

This morning we bought a scale, and had our first weigh in. I hope this works. I don’t need to be skinny, and I don’t need Gabe to be skinny. I feel quite positive I’ll never be anything close. But I don’t want to have to worry about health issues so much. We’re way to young for that.

I feel like so far, my new job has already got me walking consistently – just from my car to the office is a good 15 minutes! So now to work in more self control, less bad foods, and a little more movement and I think I’ll be off to a good start.


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