The Hunger Games

You know those books you can’t put down? That invade your brain and have you thinking about the story line and implications while your in the shower?

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy, and I may be borderline obsessed. Which on one hand, may be slightly ridiculous since they are of the young adult category, but if you’ve read them and you know me also makes plenty of sense.

The story has a female lead, and she’s strong, smart and resourceful. There are a lot of social undertones right off the bat, that turn into flat out themes through the rest of the series. They were really captivating and definitely left me thinking.

There is a movie slated to be out in late March. I’m not sure if this will turn it into some ridiculous “team Edward” type commodity – or if it the larger message will really be able to reach out to people (pretty early on, you get the idea of the control works – the rich keep the poor hungry and it allows them a great amount of power).  Either way I’m so glad I picked up these books. I’d highly recommend them! Then come back, and we can talk all about it. (I didn’t want to go too much into it, in case you haven’t read it. But there’s always the comment section!)


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