This Week in Pictures

On Monday, I went to my first NBA game. Gabe’s work gave him tickets. Honestly, I was less than impressed. I’m not a huge basketball fan anyway, but there was too much hoopla happening for my taste – a dance competition, the mascot on a segway, stuff like that – throughout the whole game!

One of the neat things about working downtown is that I work right next to City Hall, and they have a lot of fun stuff. One of them was Go Rodeo day. In Houston, we get really excited about the rodeo. They had free food, animals, line dancing, the whole nine yards. But it was fun, and good excuse to get outside during lunchtime.

This guy was at the Rodeo Day too.

Another City Hall thing, and something I’m very excited about, is the Wednesday farmer’s market. It happens during lunch time every week. And while it has a few of the same things as a normal farmers market – breads, vegetable, home made jams and such, the real focus is food (since it is from 11-2). There are several food trucks, and most of the vendors have prepared meals from local ingredients. I can’t wait to try one of everything! This is a wrap from the It’s A Wrap truck. It was good, though not my favorite food truck meal by far.

On Friday night I worked a charity auction for the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. The theme was “Under the Boardwalk” and it was carnival decorated. Very cute. There were two men on stilts, popcorn center pieces, games. It was very clever. The picture is a little blury, but you get the idea – he was tall.


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