House Guest

It’s still a little hard, with a new blog, to figure out how much I can/ want to say about others in my life. Not in a way that I want to give a lot of details about them, but other people and their actions often impact your life in a lot of different way.

Gabe and I recently had a relative living with us. He moved in about two weeks after we did, in October. Maybe living with family can always be hard. But this situation tended to be pretty emotionally charged.

But now. Our home is ours again! It’s almost like relearning how to be beyond 100% comfortable in it. I can do whatever I want, without worrying! Well, mostly.

Last night Gabe was a away on a business trip, and so for the first time I slept here alone. It was quiet. In the morning, I was free to walk around, make noise and turn on all the lights. This was probably the most exciting part. I generally wake up an hour or more before Gabe, so it takes a lot of effort to be as little of a disturbance as possible.

It’s one of those situations though, having a relative move in with us, where I wish I had known more before hand. I wish I had read some advice, used others peoples knowledge, and made the situation better from the get-go. But, we all did our best with what we had. And sometimes, that’s all you can do.


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