On Sunday I was in class at my favorite new yoga studio, and the instructor said something that really left its mark with me. She mentioned about how often people think of being content as just being happy with everything, but it’s really about finding a way to accept everything as it is.

After I went home, Gabe and I had a conversation about this, and it made him worry about wanting to still have a drive to be better, and to work harder. I think it’s important not to confuse being content with being complacent. It’s not bad to strive for better things, but I want to always appreciate living in the now.

This is something that I feel like I’m getting much better at, though I really started thinking about when we got married. You spend your entire time being engaged planning a wedding – because that’s what the time is for, right? But then it came and went and I thought maybe I should have spent more time enjoying the celebrations leading up to it. And then pretty soon after people start asking questions – when are you going to buy a house, have kids, etc. But there’s time for that.

It’s also hard sometimes (for all of us I think) to want to be in a spot similar to someone who has it better, right? But who knows where they’re going, or where they’ve been. This is my life, and maybe it’s not always what I thought it would be, but it is exactly what it’s supposed to be.


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