Update on our 4 Month Challenge

I think it started off slow, but we are really getting into it! And can I say, I’ve seen a huge difference?

I went into this with the mindset of a lifestyle change – so trying to do things that are reasonable for me to really make a difference. I’ve become much more conscious of what I eat  -am I eating this because I’m hungry, or because I just want to eat it? And don’t get me wrong, sometimes the answer really is well, just because I want to. But with that answer, I think about what I’m eating later that day and try to think about how much of it I eat.

Water. Tons of water. All the time. I make many, many trips to the bathroom during the day.

I’ve also started doing yoga pretty consistently at least twice a week. If the schedule was a little more conducive for me I’d go more, I think. Or if they had showers.

I’ve lost a little bit of weight, which is nice and everything, but I notice it in how I feel. Waking up is easier, and I don’t get really blah around mid afternoon like I used to. I’m not on my way to having crazy before and after pictures, but I’m really amazed at the differences I notice in my energy level and such.



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