Roasting Bell Peppers

Have you guys ever roasted a Bell Pepper? It’s super easy. So easy, actually, that I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner, and am now incorporating it all over the place.


You start with your average bell pepper. It’s my understanding that you can do this with any pepper, but I’m not hugely into spicey foods, so bell peppers for me.

Then you cut it up. You could do halves, or slices. Either way. Preheat your oven to Broil while you’re slicing.

You’ll want to get the seeds and guts out. You can see there that I missed a seed, but it’s okay. It won’t kill anybody.

Then, you broil them for about 5-7 minutes on each side. That’s it. Let them cool for just a minute or two, and then they’re ready for eating.

I only put this batch in for about 4 minutes, since I was using them in a salad, I wanted them to still have a little firmer texture. I also added some onion on, it’s there in the right corner, just to see how that would go. It went well, but they only need one 4-5 minute broiling session.

I used red bell peppers for a simple, tasty pasta dish:


This pasta was a bit on the “kitchen sink” side of things, but it was so good! In a little bit of butter and white wine I sauteed mushrooms and spinach with garlic. Then i added the roasted bell pepper, and a can of artichoke hearts (with a little splash of the juice) and tossed with pasta. I loved it, and filed under “Easy weeknight meals that make great leftovers”. Leftovers are important to me, I don’t want to eat a sammich every day for lunch.



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