Last (few) Week(s) in Photos

Even when my posting is light, I’ve been able to upload some “This week in photos” posts. But I’ve been slacking on that too lately! So here are some images from the past couple of weeks:

The weather in Houston has been so beautiful! I like to try to eat lunch outside while we have this window before it gets too hot.

These two images are from the Heritage Society. It’s a neat place to eat lunch, especially in downtown.

I had sushi at a place called “How Do You Roll?” It’s similar to Freebirds or Which Which, where you can customize your sushi. It was pretty good – it would really be perfect if you (or someone you know) isn’t the biggest sushi fan. You can choose filling, thereby controlling spicyness, texture, etc.

My friend Jeremy came to visit, and we made a trip to the Menil Collection


Gabe and I spent some time babysitting our nephew a few weeks ago. He’ll be three on Saturday! It was so much fun, and totally amazing how easily entertained small children can be. He probably played with these balloons for at least an hour.


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