Admiring Without Envy

After hearing the phrase “admire without envy” several weeks ago, it really stuck with me. Not that I’m a terribly envious person in general, though I don’t know that many people believe or admit that they are. But you know that feeling when someone does/achieves something and you get that little pang of “man I wish that was me”?

Maybe you don’t. It has, of course, occurred to me that I might just be such a bad person that normal people do not feel this. But I doubt I am completely alone here. It’s not an all out, I’m jealous and I wish them ill sort of thing. Just a small feeling. So when I heard this phrase, I wanted it. I wanted to fully admire people for their accomplishments, and realize that the race I’m in is my own. So I decided to purposefully pursue it.

I’d say it’s been a great experience, and that I achieved it without really noticing it was happening. What started to happen was that I began to get really inspired by people around me, for all kinds of things they do. My friend Sarah is on an amazing journey to being a healthy person and she’s doing so great. Instead of being all “well I haven’t lost 25 pounds, womp womp” I’m inspired by her journey! Another friend is considering moving to another country with her husband just because, and yet another rode the MS 150 from Houston to Austin (in a weekend! on a bike! crazy.) It’s really everything, someone’s dedication to a cause, the ability to seize the day. My friends are all inspiring me.

This might make me sound slightly crazy, I think. I don’t know that I can quite describe it – or if I really need to. Maybe it isn’t unusual to be inspired by everyone around you, and I’m just really late getting on the train. But even if that’s the case – it’s okay. I’m absolutely adopting it as a life philosophy.


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