Trip Up North

It’s been a while. I know. But things have been really crazy. And here’s the first on a few posts explaining why. Last week Gabe and I took a trip “up north”. Which for us means the Boston area – more specifically Lynn, MA. I was born up there, and still have a lot of family up there.

It was mostly a family trip, so the sightseeing we did was sort of small scale. Which was good, I think, because it also gave us a chance to relax. Generally when I go visit another place and do some sightseeing I want to see and do everything. Gabe has actually referred to what I put him through in Europe as a “death march”.

Anyway. We did a day trip to Lexington and Concord, the sites of the start of the American Revolution. We’d seen Concord before. It’s actually a little more impressive than Lexington, to be honest.

It also turns out that most of the planning for the start of our country happened in Taverns. Which is pretty cool.

Lexington is mostly a small patch of grass and 2-3 historical buildings around it. Concord has a bridge where the battle was fought, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s house, Sleepy Hollow Graveyard and some other interesting sites.


We also took a quick trip to Salem. The city fascinated me when I was younger. And even though now I realize a lot of the attractions there are really cheezy, it still does. Not only what happened with the Witch Trials, but that so many years later it’s still such a big part of Salem. The whole city is somehow witch themed.


We also indulged in some seriously delicious food. We’ve been working to get back in the swing of healthy eating now, but I couldn’t help but request the food up there that I love and only get once in a while. Lobster, roast beef sandwiches, Chinese food.


Going back is sort of a weird feeling now. It’s like there is so much that is still the same, and still familiar. But, as with everything, as time goes on things are also very different. People are older, times have changed. Just a reflection I had throughout the trip.


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