A Decent Proposal

A dear friend of mine got engaged recently. And she asked me to be her bridesmaid, in a very creative way (idea via pinterest)

When we met up she immediately dropped down to one knee (which I feel must have been hard for her to do on a public floor!) and handed me this:


That’s a ring pop in the bottom. It was very sweet, and I’m beyond thrilled. I’m also taking my duties very seriously. The wedding is in December – we only have 6 months!

People have mentioned though, when I tell them this, that I don’t seem to like weddings very much. Which is sort of true. Mostly because they’ve become so cookie-cutter it’s hard to get excited. Sometimes it’s almost like going to a play that you have to be a part of. Not all of them, of course, but a lot.

And the one thing that really drives me crazy – the phrase “it’s  your SPECIAL DAY it’s all about YOU!”. I was explaining why this bothers me to G the other day. I agree in a sense that a wedding is a celebration is about a couple, and it should be fitting to them – in style, location, music, etc. But, I also think a wedding is a gathering of community. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t only two people there. Well, two and one to marry them. I just think if we all started being more true to doing what felt right vs. what’s “supposed” to happen or trying to duplicate magazine weddings they’d be a lot more meaningful.

Anyway. It’s a sidenote, because I do know this wedding will be filled with love – she is a very loving person, there’s no other way, really. This is my first time being a bridesmaid – it’s a big responsibility!


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