The Plate Method

After deciding that our four month challenge needed to be more lifestyle change and less competition, I’ve still been able to make a change, but it’s been a little harder for Gabe. So, he’s been to see a dietician. She recommends what she called “the plate method”:

It’s essentially a focus on portion control. Split up a 9 inch round plate – half is veggies, one fourth is protein, one fourth is a starch. I think having this visual aspect is really helpful! A little hard at first to figure out what an ounce of bread looks like, for example, but overall a good method.

I think the visual aspect of actually using the image of the plate helps though. Even if you don’t necessarily break it down like this (i.e a dish cooked all together) you can pretty much tell when there are enough vegetables.

This is supposed to work for every meal, so we’ve been eating breakfast also. Gabe is a lot better about that than me, but I am making an effort! Lots of smoothies for me. I also bought some maple sausage patties from Morning Star, and have been pairing those with mini-bagels for a yummy but not to heavy breakfast.

AND I went to the doctor for my yearly check up last week. When the nurse wrote down my weight, she noticed that it had gone down a good amount! That was really affirming for me, since I don’t want to trick myself into just going with “well my pants are too big now”.


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