Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

I mentioned in my last post we’ve been eating breakfast more. Here’s another recipe for a smoothie I love. Similar to my previous favorite chocolate-banana-peanut butter smoothie, this tastes more like dessert but is also super simple. You need:

  • Frozen cherries- probably about a cup
  • Yogurt – I prefer Chobani in either plain or vanilla
  • Some Chocolate Almond milk – roughly a cup. Possibly a tad more.


Throw them in the blender.


That’s it. The chocolate part sounds unhealthy, but Almond milk is only 125 calories a serving! 75 if you go for unsweetened. Next week I may try adding some spinach to it, as I think the cherry is strong enough that you wouldn’t really taste it.

Anyway, this recipe made me feel like I was a genius. It’s the little things in life


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