Reflections on An Anniversary

Today is our three year wedding anniversary.

July 18th always gives way to a lot of reflection for me. I mark every yearly milestone that way – New Years Eve, Birthdays. What’s happened in a year? A lot for us. A lot of things can test a relationship – moving, a new job, losing the new job, another new job, traveling the world, a family member moving in with us, and some major family splitting. But honestly, I think we’ve come through it surprisingly well.

But also, and this is really important to me, I also spend this day thinking about how lucky I am to have some really great people in my life besides my husband. Our wedding reception was almost a disaster – the hall flooded and lost power. But we were able to move to another hall at the last minute (literally, an hour into the reception) and our friends and family just moved right on over with us.

It’s shown not only how amazing they are, but also how great it is to have people in your life that are willing to help you throw a crazy party even in the middle of a thunderstorm. Even when they could be somewhere else.

And, each year, we gain new people. And that’s great too – we’ll need them there for any other storms.



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