Building a Wardrobe

I’ve lost some weight recently. I have an idea of how much, but this isn’t really a brag post (because let’s be real here, I’m still very far from skinny or a 6 pack). Clothes that fit decently at the beginning of the year are actually too big to wear, and the clothes that fit a little more snug are now loose. So, obviously some shopping is in order.

Generally I’m the type of person that picks up random things along the way at sales, or if I see a good deal on something cute, and then will go on the occasional hunt for something if I think I need it. But I want to try to focus on having really versatile options, and clothing that I like and will be able to wear for a while. With that in mind I’ve gone on a shopping hiatus. The last thing I bought was the very beginning of July, and I’m not buying anything new til September. In the meantime, I plan to clean out my closet, and decide what I think are wardrobe staples – things I have to have. So far my list looks like:


Dress pants – black, brown, grey. I have black and brown, and grey too actually but the grey pair looks like it won’t last that much longer. And the other two pairs are too big. I can live with the brown pair but I’d love to have 1-2 options for black dress pants, since I wear them often.

Pencil Skirt – black. And maybe one in a jewel tone…if I think I can pull that off

Cardigans – white and one fun color/print. I own a TON of cardigans but I think they’re totally a versatile staple. And my white one needs to be replaced.

Jeans – I have a couple pairs that I love. A couple that are falling apart. I should be good on this for now.

Shirt Dress – I have two sort-of shirt dresses from Target that I really love. I wouldn’t mind getting a third, black or grey one.

Tops – My goal for tops is to have something to match with all of the above. Things I can wear to work, with pants or tucked into a skirt, and with jeans on the weekend. This will take more planning I think.


What other things do you consider wardrobe must-haves?


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