An Ode to the Public Library

I have recently re-fallen (is that a word?) in love with the public library. I say “re” because I do remember being very young and loving the library. As a kid, I loved to read and the library was a great place to me to get all the books I wanted without having to buy them.

As an adult, honestly, it’s pretty similar. I would request books that I really wanted to read, occasionally, but since I started working downtown I use the library a lot more. It’s right across the street so I can go browse on my lunch break.

And I’m happy to say I feel like the library is keeping up with the times. We got a Kindle Fire back in May, and I thought I wouldn’t use it as much because I don’t want to buy a digital book. But then. But then I figured out how to check out books through the Kindle from the Houston Public Library!

It’s really pretty cool. I also let my mom have my card number, so she can check out anything that’s not in her local digital library as well. I realize this is a pretty nerdy thing to get excited about (and write a post about) but I think of how integrated Netflix is – people will recommend shows and then mention “oh it’s on Netflix”, the partnership with xbox, etc. I think we should use the library the same way. Want to read that crazy new book from The Bloggess? The library has it.



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