I’ve kept this blog largely non-political even though I would consider myself quite political. I have very strong beliefs and opinions, and don’t mind sharing them. But I don’t want to talk about that here.

I do want to encourage everyone to vote though. I believe it’s important. And I know, as a woman, that many people fought really really hard for me to be able to vote, and I won’t let them down. Also, even though there’s been so much hype on the Presidential race, there are a lot of local issues on ballots too – here in Houston we’re voting on money for the library and the future of public transportation. Texas is electing a new senator. These are important things that will really affect us.

The League of Women Voters offers a really great, comprehensive, non partisan voting guide. It’s long but I can’t recommend it enough.

Make sure to keep you receipt and sticker! Some places offer fun freebies and deals for doing your civic duty. (Khon’s in mid town gave me a free Lone Star on Friday, for example!) So get out there and vote. And keep voting – elections happen more than every four years, you know.


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