First Birchbox

Subtitled: Why it only took me one Birchbox to cancel my subscription.

I was a little weary on these monthly subscription boxes, but I did some research and it seemed like for the most part, people were happy with Birchbox. It was also one of the less expensive, and I didn’t want to put too much money into an unknown. So last week my first box showed up. The next day I cancelled it.

I know it’s blurry. I didn’t like it enough to try to make it look good.

The box came with one lip balm, one eye shadow trial, one tiny perfume sample, a hair tie, a dry shampoo sample and a bonus “bag”. My biggest complaints where the eye shadow and the hair tie, I think. The eye shadow has “sample only, not for retail sale” on the back, which made me feel like a total chump for essentially paying for it. Same with the perfume – it’s the kind of thing you would get if you walked through a department store. The hair tie is essentially a stretchy piece of ribbon. The card it came with declared it a “colorful” way to spice up a ponytail – but mine was grey. I might actually use it, but I can’t really imagine why someone would buy it (maybe I’m not very creative?).

It came with a bonus “bag” which was essentially a Ziploc bag with some stripes on it. I’m not really sure why people would pay more money for this than a regular Ziploc bag, either.

Overall, total bust.


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