Positive Feedback

A while back, I thought about how quick I am to email customer service if I’m not happy with something – service, a product, etc. But then I realized I’m not always as quick to do the same with brands that I love. So I thought about, and I emailed Chobani. I used to eat at least one yogurt a day, and when Gabe and I really started trying to lose weight, we were really into the Chobani. It helped me get away from eating dessert – I’d just sub it for a Pineaple yogurt.

After I emailed them as part of this little experiment, I received a hand written thank you card in the mail, and three coupons for free Cho. I know it’s not much, but someone took the time out to write a customer a thank you note, and I appreciate it. For my job, I draw winners for a variety of sweepstakes, and send out their prizes. I’ve gotten a couple of thank you notes, and it really makes my day!

I’m going to start doing this more. Do you ever email/call with positive feedback for a place or brand?


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