A Wedding and a Puppy

So Kimmi‘s pre-wedding ended up with what might be the cutest wedding gift ever. Seriously.

Friday night, my step mom and sister brought home seven puppies that had been abandoned. They were part black lab, and seriously cute. I was telling Kimmi the morning of her wedding how they were trying to find them all good homes, showed her a picture, and she decided to get one for her new groom! He’d apparently been wanting a black lab puppy for quite a while.

I had Gabe bring the puppy to the church a couple of hours before the ceremony. We tied a note around his neck with a white tulle bow and sent him into the guys dressing room.

Kimmi and Aaron's Wedding 089 - Copy


He was so surprised and so happy! He kept asking who’s dog it was. Gabe had to pick it up and bring it to him because the church people were a little nervous about the dog being on the carpet.

Kimmi and Aaron's Wedding 091 - Copy


He was totally shocked! And pretty much immediately started cuddling the puppy.

Kimmi and Aaron's Wedding 102 - Copy

Kimmi and Aaron's Wedding 099 - Copy


How cute is that? It was like something from a TV commercial. But real life.



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