Cleaning House

Okay, I know that a post about chores seems like most boring thing ever, but it turns out that a clean living space actually makes a big difference. (I know, I’m late on that revelation). Also, I’ve noticed a couple of things about the Wernersberg residence lately. 1 – we’ve gotten a lot better about cleaning things. We could still probably be better at it, but generally the apartment is much cleaner than our old one, even though its nearly twice the size. And B, things just feel so much better when they’re clean.

We used to some small cleaning but it would mostly be hour long, tiring, total overhaul type cleaning. We’ve slowly shifted to a more manageable, more frequent but smaller tasks.. It’s nice because when we have people over we don’t have to be quite so “Oh my gosh, so sorry our place is gross”.

Also discovering this site (profanity warning, if that bothers you) helped inspire me for more mini cleanings. I’ve seen tons of stuff that’s like “How to Clean Your House 20 min a Day” but I never read it because that sounds silly. But UFYH just tells what to do each day in normal-person style, and that’s been way better.

Funny how much more comfortable a clean place is, right?


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