Houston Loves It’s Coffee and I do too.

I could make you a long, long list of the things I like about Houston (and I might, one day) but one of the easiest to start is coffee. I guess most majors cities have their own love of coffee, but Houston’s abundance of little coffee shops makes it so much easier to go local. (Don’t get me wrong, I know we love Starbucks too)

On my list of favorites:

Bungalow Java – this place is tiny and off the beaten path but super cute and the coffee is really good. I love the dirty chai here, and it makes a great place to pick up some little gifts if you need to.

Agora – this place is so popular it almost goes without saying, but I love their cheap bottomless cup.

Black Hole –  it’s usually a little too crowded for me, but the coffee is good and it’s a comfortable place to meet someone for a cup of coffee.

Ben’s Beans – Downtown is filled with chain coffee stores, and this is one of the only local places I can think of. In addition to good (and cheap!) coffee, they also have a really friendly staff and live music on the weekends.

Southside Espresso – this place is new, but totally worth mentioning. I tried an iced coffee my first time and the simple drink was so good that it’s my go-to there. I think that’s a sign of good coffee too, when you don’t need to put a bunch of stuff in it to make it good.

I do also have a list of places I want to try. It mostly consists of Catalina Coffee which I’ve heard great things about, and Greenway Coffee. Greenway is in a food court type thing which makes it a little hard to get too, but I understand they are opening a new spot soon. I’ve heard tons of raving about them, but got to try some of their coffee at the Draught Beer Festival a few weeks back, and it was really good.  Anything else I’m forgetting?


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