I try to use the end of every year to do some reflecting over what happened the previous year. That’s part of why I started this blog last January. It’s been a long, long year to me. I’m actually looking forward to 2013 and a fresh start, realizing that the future is unpredictable and I could be saying the exact same thing at the end of next year. Some of the highlights that come to mind when I think about the past year:

·         I got a job. At the time I really, really needed a job, and was grateful, but now I also love my job, which I am also grateful for. And I recently got a raise!

·         We took a trip to see my family in Massachusetts

·         Gabe and I were each in weddings of two good friends

·         I made a conscious decision to be a healthier person, and lost some weight in the process

·         I went to a new country for the first time (Canada, on a business trip)


Looking at those things, it reminds me that we have been pretty lucky this year! It does bring to mind some of the struggles we’ve had – some family turmoil, regaining our living space and some health issues. But overall, we’ve come out of the other end of the tunnel pretty much unscathed. Also, we not only celebrated the first birthday of one of our nephews and the third for the other, but we learned we’d be getting a new nephew, too! (We’re waiting on him…any day now!)


I also take some time every year to talk to Gabe about what he sees as highlights from the last year, and where we want to be next year. We haven’t done that yet but some of the goals I’d like to see for 2013 include:

·         Booking a trip overseas. I’d really like to actually complete the trip in 2013, but I will settle for at least booking it. I’d like to go back to Europe, but would be okay with another cruise if that’s the way things go.

·         Gabe to complete his HRM certificate. He’s been working on it for a while now.

·         Continue on the whole “healthy lifestyle” kick. I don’t want to set a weight goal and get too focused on that, but the free time during the holiday should make it easier to refocus.

·         Take a class on  design/photoshop/etc – I’ve been wanting to do this to add to my professional skill set. It’s time to just do it, I think.





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