Welcoming Baby Simon

Gabe and I welcomed our third nephew into the world yesterday! This is his sister’s second son (the other nephew is my sister’s) and we were so happy to be able to be at the hospital when he arrived.

I spent Thursday night at their house because she knew she would be going in for an induction and I was given Big Brother duty. They went a little later then planned, but I still got to take Drake out for Breakfast and to school. While we were eating, two fire trucks pulled up – a fun treat for him.



This might not sound like too big of a deal, but when my sister was born my grandparents took me out to eat and it’s basically one of my earliest memories.

I met my mother in law up at the hospital shortly after lunch time, and basically by dinner time the baby had arrived! We thought it would take way longer, but everything happened so fast. They hadn’t revealed the name until after he got here.

simon 2

Simon Maguire Olson weighed 8lbs and 11 oz and I’m very happy to report he and mom are doing great.

simon 1 simon and dad simon and gabe


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