The Week (and then some) in Photos


This is an image from an anti-bullying ad. Pretty intense.



Working from home on a Friday. It was my 9/80 day so I snuggled up on the couch. Sort of a perfect work environment, at least every once in a while.



This bad boy is from a new restaurant called Fat Bao, near our apartment. There small sandwiches on little soft, sweet, Asian buns. So good.


Earlier this week I got to meet our new NASCAR driver, Joey Logano, and re-meet Helio Castroneves, of Indy Car and DWTS fame. Super cool job perk!


We went to have dinner/bowl with the team after work and it was really cool to just hang out like that. We all took picture with Helio (right) and then tweeted/messaged about it. It cracked me up!


I ended the week with a much welcomed Happy Hour.


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