Homemade Granola is So Easy it’s Ridiculous

I just used that title to make sure you understand how easy this is. Oh, also cheap. And without all the crap that they put into most granolas (seriously, read the back of the box). A little trip to the bulk aisle gets you the oats and nuts without costing a huge arm and a leg. The secret to the bulk aisle is you don’t really have to buy stuff in bulk.


I loosely followed this formula from The Kitchn to start out with. The first batch didn’t turn out sweet enough for me, so I added a little more brown sugar and vanilla.


·         3 cups of oats (or more. I used three for this test run but would do more in the future)

·         Nuts (I used about ¼ cup each of pumpkin seeds and almond slivers)

·         Flax seeds (optional)

·         1/3 cup brown sugar

·         1 tablespoon ish of cinnamon (maybe add a couple shakes. It won’t hurt.)

Mix those in a bowl.

Wet ingredients:

·         ½ cup olive oil

·         2 tablespoons (ish) vanilla

·         2 tablespoons agave or honey

Mix the wet ingredients and then pour into the bowl with the mixed dry ingredients. Stir them, and then pour it out evenly onto a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.

Bake at 250 for about an hour and a half. Check it every half hour (ish) to make sure it’s not burning, because it can burn pretty easy. There’s no need to ‘toss’ it each time though, and I think leaving it actually gives it some clusters.

It smells amazing while it bakes, and honestly it was so cheap and turned out so well I don’t think I’ll be buying granola again, like, ever. I’m thinking about trying granola bars.



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