Dance Marathon at UH

I’m about to ask you to donate to an organization that is near and dear to me. I’ll explain why, but though I’d get that out of the way. If you just want to skip straight to donating, click here.

When I was at the University of Houston, we brought a program well known at some other schools to campus. Dance Marathon is part of the Children’s Miracle Network, so even though schools all over the place have them, the money goes to a local charity. In Houston, it goes to the Charity Care Program at Texas Children’s Hospital. This program makes sure that every kid that needs help get is – regardless of insurance, family income, etc.

That alone is a good cause. But what I love about Dance On (and the whole Dance Marathon concept) is that it’s also an amazing experience for college students. It’s a lot different than a run/walk because it’s a lot longer. But you also get to hear stories and meet with the families and children that have benefited from this program.

Honestly, it changed my life a bit. It makes the cause you’re fundraising for so real. It’s also a bit shorter in time now but when I was there I stood up for 17 hours. SEVENTEEN HOURS! The first time, I really didn’t think I could do it. But when I made it through the night there was this huge sense of accomplishment, mixed of course with a bit of delirium. But it was really cool to totally get over something I thought I couldn’t do to help people that needed it. And when you think about what these tiny little people have been through…well, it seemed like the least I could do.

The organization is totally student run, so while a lot of years it seems like a struggle to put on, it takes a lot of time and effort from people who are also juggling classes, jobs, and a million other things. If you could just take the time to go and donate even $5, I know it would help. It would help the kids at TCH and the students from UH who are working so hard to do a little good. Seriously. $5. Please?


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