A Recap On Last Week

Last week was one of those things that it was so busy, but full of fun stuff. Fun doesn’t mean not tiring, but it makes it a lot better!

On Monday, I was able to attend a luncheon for Planned Parenthood and hear author/blogger/feminist extraordinaire Jessica Valenti. You can watch/read her speech here – I’d highly recommend it!

Tuesday, I was invited to attend a pop-up dinner with an agency we work with! My boss was out of town, so I got to take her spot. We started off with some great cocktails, moved into conversation about mobility, and enjoyed a 5 course meal by Chef Dat.



It was pretty cool – he prepped the dishes in front of us, and talked about where each one came from. He was pretty casual, which I really appreciated.


Wednesday was just a cool day professionally. I had a virtual conference with some colleagues from around the world, and a brainstorming session with some Facebook reps. I liked getting the scoop on some of the next big things we might see out of FB.

I rounded out the week visiting a friend a doing some retail therapy. Not too bad!


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