Our Trip to Austin: Where We Ate Edition

A couple of weekends ago Gabe and I headed to Austin for a little weekend getaway. We didn’t do anything crazy exciting, but we did get our share of good, local food.


Foodheads: Delicious sandwiches in a cute little location. We found ourselves here after exiting the highway, and I’m so glad we did. It has a nice porch and weather was perfect while we were there. I’ll also take the time to mention that we found this place using the “Explore” function from Foursquare – it led us to a lot of neat places. I’m a big fan.

Miltos: This is a little place (with a parking lot!) that has Greek and American  food for really reasonable prices.  Gabe got a calzone and I got a gyro and a carafe of wine. It’s super casual with counter service, and right near UT so it’s close to a lot of other shops/restaurants/bars

Mozarts – I can tell you already that if I lived in Austin this would probably be one of my favorite places. It’s a little coffee shop with desserts that overlooks a lake. They had live music while we were there, and it was really cozy. It’s the kind of place you could go get some work done or just hang out. Or bring a date.

Red’s Porch – This is pretty much your quintessential Texas place – it serves burgers and chicken fried steak, has plenty of outdoor seating, washers, and local beers on tap. It’s outside of downtown so the area is a little peaceful, too.


I think the only thing I would have really liked to try that we didn’t would be some food trucks. I’m a big fan of them, but Gabe is not so much. We also stayed at the Habitat Suites which was an experience – it’s like an apartment building turned hotel. It wasn’t exactly a luxury experience but our room included a couch and full kitchen and their hot breakfast was delicious.


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