Weekend Recap

Subtitled “That Time We Slept 6 and A Half People In Our Apartment, and Everyone Still Had A Good Time”

Last weekend my dad, step mom, youngest sister, and my middle sister and her baby (he’ll be 2 in June) came in to town and stayed at our place. My youngest sister plays volleyball and had a tournament, so we all went to that to cheer her on. We spent time hanging out, fawning over the baby and eating.

 IMG_1810 IMG_1811

Since it’s not often we’re all together now it was such a treat to be able to do this. I was a little worried about have 6 people plus the baby (hence the half) in our 2 bedroom apartment, but I think everyone fit just fine.


We also had an engagement party for one of Gabe’s cousins, so our families got to mingle a little too. I will admit, one of the things I admire about Gabe’s mom’s side of the family is that they get together a lot. I was exhausted Sunday night, but it was well worth it.


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