On Being the Squeaky Wheel

I read this article on how to complain, and I felt like it totally hits the nail on the head.  I was raised being told often that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. In fact, my dad used to put my sister and I out of our comfort zone to practice this – if we were in a store and wanted to know how much something cost he would have us go ask the sales person about it. It seems little, but it’s something most adults would just handle. You ask the sales person questions for your kid, and then make a decision.  But we had to know.

The article is based on making a complaint after maybe getting a bad product or having a bad experience but I think most of them could be applied in real life. Things like being firm and concise to documenting when needed could be applicable in situations from work to bills to renting. He also says:

The fact is, if you want to get your problem solved, you need to speak up and stand your ground

This, I think, is especially important for women. We’re often not as quick to speak up and less assertive. Purposefully standing up for ourselves in a constructive manner is an important skill.


One thought on “On Being the Squeaky Wheel

  1. I think that was smart of your dad… I’m not much of a complainer but I’m learning that there are times that I should!

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