SweetHeart VoxBox

I’m like a month late posting this, but I’m just going to go with “I was thoroughly testing driving my box items”! And, the plus side is that a couple of them got tried out by someone other than myself.


In my box:

Olay  Fresh Effects – This face wash comes with a little vibrating pad,which I actually liked a lot more than I thought I would. Honestly, it just felt nice on my face in the morning. The wash that came with it made my skin a little dry, but my skin has been super sensitive lately. It’s such a fun little gadget that my husband couldn’t resist using it either.

Skinny Girl On The Go Bar – (coco-nut with peanut butter) – I was a little skeptical at first between the name (I am NOT a skinny girl), the fact that the bar looked small and the calorie count (180) but I was all wrong. It was really good, way better than most granola bars, and it was pretty filling. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast, but this was a great replacement for a day I was running behind.

Clinical Strength Secret – Stress Protect – Smells good. Works way better with smell than moisture. Pretty standard deodorant I think. It worked find but didn’t move mountains. And honestly, I’ve been trying to ease into a more natural deodorant as the ingredients used makes me a little nervous.

Not Your Mother’s – Texturizing Sea Salt Spray – This is the one thing I haven’t gotten to try on my own yet, but my sister used it and quite frankly she’s probably a better judge of hair care products than I am. She loved the way it smelled, and they aren’t lying about the texture. I’m thinking I’ll try it out on curly/wavy hair, or on a clean hair and ponytail day.

P.S – Sorry about the blurry picture. Not sure what happened!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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