What I’ve Read

Maybe I’m finally appreciating my Kindle Fire, but I’m burning through books lately. And I love it. I wrote a few of my recommendations below, but realized there all a little female-centric, casual reads. Buy hey, if you’re looking for something like that:

I loved this book. Loved it. Its follows a High School girl after her older sister dies unexpextedly. It’s explores grief in that kind of no one can really understand, everyone reacts differently type of way. It’s beautifully written – Jandy Nelson is very talented. This is probably going into the “one of my favorites” category. It could be considered YA, I think, but it’s still pretty heavy.

Mindy Kaling is awesome. The book probably wasn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be, but it was interesting to hear how she ended up where she is. And she seems so down to Earth. It made me want to be friends with her.

Another high school girly book. This one was a really quick read but it was also really funny. The main character, Virginia, struggles with her best friend moving away and her body image and her dysfunctional family. Her older brother commits a major sin in the middle and the unfolding of the aftermath was really compelling.

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One thought on “What I’ve Read

  1. I swear, the number of books I have read has quadrupled since getting my kindle. Wait, maybe more than that.

    I felt the same way as you about the mindy book… And #1 sounds interesting, will have to look for it.

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