Adventures in Babysitting (Weekend Recap)

Last weekend was tons of fun. I didn’t get a spring break but I know enough people that do (or with enough vacation days that they did) to make me feel like I was missing out. I tried to make the weekend live up to it, and I think I succeeded.

Thursday evening I drove to college station to surprise – hang out with Jeremy. I drove back on Friday, stopped to do some shopping and then Gabe and I just spend the night in with pizza and a movie. We watched Butter, which he’d never even heard of but it turned out to be pretty funny.

Yep. Ice cream martinis!

Yep. Ice cream martinis!

How cute is this Farmer's Market?

How cute is this Farmer’s Market?

Saturday was beautiful and we spent the day running errands and hanging out outside, but Saturday night we’d committed to babysitting Gabe’s sisters two kids. D is almost 4 and S is 11 weeks. 11 weeks is fine because he pretty much just slept and ate, but man D was handful at first. We’ve stayed with him before but he’s undergoing some growing pains and did not like it when mom and dad left. But we made it through.

Sunday was also pretty perfect weather and we met up with Kimmi and Aaron for a picnic in Hermann Park. We ate lunch, walked around the Japanese garden and went for a ride around the lake on the paddle boats.

 IMG_1886 IMG_1885 IMG_1877

Turns out the paddle boats are harder than they look. Well, ours was anyway.


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