Allergy Attack

Well it’s springtime and my car is covered in pollen and I feel like crap. It’s allergy season. Unlike a cold I have no idea how long I’ll feel like this, and there are way less home remedies for allergies. My big ones are non drowsy meds and this guy:

If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me.

Not Dr Oz. My neti pot. You fill it up with some salt like stuff and warm water and then lean your head over a sink and pour it through one of your nostrils.

I know. Gross. But I always feel so much better after. I swear by it, honestly. If you’ve never used a neti pot you’re missing out. But are there other remedies I’m missing out on?

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One thought on “Allergy Attack

  1. I tried the neti pot one of the last times I was congested and I couldn’t get the… water… to flow… if you know what I mean. Years ago I used it and loved it, but this time it was a no go.

    Zyrtec and I love each other though. 🙂


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