Weekend Recap – New Car!

We made a big purchase this weekend. One of our biggest, in fact.


This is our new car! We’d intended on keeping Gabe’s 2001 Oldsmobile until it just stopped working, but recently the air conditioner went out and it would be $1,500 to diagnose. So we started looking, found a good deal and went to test drive it. It all happened pretty fast.

Luckily, we had quite a bit in savings so we put down a substantial down payment. We got the rest of the loan through our credit union so the rate was really low (I’d highly recommend going that route!). And, they even gave us something for the trade-in, which we weren’t really counting on. So even though we weren’t thrilled about taking on a car note when we’re so used to not having one (both our cars were bought in cash) we managed to keep our monthly payments low.


It’s a 2011 Toyota Camry, so it’s not new-new but it’s in great shape. We’re totally in love.

We also got a new pet this week:


This is Cleopatra, our beta fish. She’s pretty right?


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