New Orleans Part 1 – Jazzfest and Sightseeing

I mentioned that I went to New Orleans last weekend. It was great!! I’m splitting this up into two posts – the second one is just going to be about food. I was hoping to schedule the two posts when I got back on Sunday but I blew a tire on I10 setting my get-home time back a couple hours.

Anyway. We stayed in a hotel close to the French Quarter, so the first day we got there we spent a couple of hours working, but then headed out to do some exploring that evening.


NOLA 005 edit

NOLA 012

NOLA 013 edit

Friday at Jazzfest was pretty miserable, honestly. It was cold and grey and the entire place was one giant mud pit:

NOLA 023

That’s just an example of one stage. Almost everyone was going barefoot or had rain boots. I was so glad I grabbed a hooded windbreaker to take with me! I haven’t really gone to a music festival like this so I had some basics like sunscreen, bug spray, and a pair of old shoes but I totally wished I had brought more clothes. And maybe like a pair of yoga pants or something to wear on the grounds.

But Saturday was beautiful. We walked around the city a little in the morning, and then headed back to Jazz Fest in the afternoon.

NOLA 027

Congo square inside Armstrong Park was once a meeting place for slaves, and was later the site of the first Jazz Festival.

NOLA 030 NOLA 038

New Orleans has a lot of really rich history, and it they don’t call it the “Jazz and Heritage Festival” for nothing.


The crowds were so big that I heard several of the big acts but didn’t see hardly any of them. Which was sort of fine with me. It’s interesting too because I think Jazz Fest is really about hearing the music – people bring chairs and set up outside of the big Jazz, Blues, etc tents. It’s clear they can’t see the stage, but they can still hear.

This a shot of the crowd for Fleetwood Mac:

NOLA 046

Overall, it was a really interesting city. Bourbon street is quite the site to see at all hours of the day. It was well worth the 5-ish hour drive I think. Come back tomorrow for a post about the food!


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