New Orleans Part 2 – Eating

You can read part one of my New Orelans trip here – sans food.

It’s safe to say the food in New Orleans is amazing. The only time I deviated from seafood was breakfast and the one time I ordered duck – which still swims, so I mean..

I’m not sure if it’s strange to have a whole separate post about food, but I feel like in a lot of areas it’s a reflection of the culture and the place you’re visiting. That’s especially true in NOLA.


Of course the first stop was Cafe du Monde. It’s earned it’s reputation – the beignets were amazing, definitely the best I’ve ever had. They only serve beignets and some coffee/hot chocolate, so you you know they’re doing it right. It’s open 24 hours and is positioned for great people watching. Bring cash, they don’t take a card. The napkin dispenser you see in the photo is all the menu they have.

We also ate at Emeril’s restaurant NOLA. It was quite a treat, as I went for a work dinner, and it’s not some place I would have maybe ended up at on my own. The food was all great but I felt like my appetizer, dessert and cocktail stole the show. Next time I’d probably just share an entree, or even order an extra app and skip the entree.

NOLA 018

We ate oysters a couple of times near Bourbon street – once at Le Bayou (or something similar) and another at Felix’s. Felix’s Seafood was really good. It’s across from Acme Oyster House which I also hear is amazing, and we went one night and they both had lines. The next day Acme had a line but Felix didn’t, so it won out. No complaints here – great oysters, great poboys.

IMG_2013 IMG_2015

My coworker that I was with and I stumbled across Eat after strolling around Armstrong Park. It’s on that end of the French Quarter, and it was so cute that we put our names on the list before even looking at the menu. Totally worth it. I got a breakfast plate with bacon, eggs, grits, and pancakes with blackberries, and my dining companion got Oysters with Eggs Benedict. We also asked to try their house made apple butter, which they brought out with a huge freshly baked roll.

This place is also BYOB and there’s no corkage fee on the first bottle. So you can bring in champagne and order some of their fresh orange juice to go with it.

The last night was another work dinner and we went to the Pelican Cafe. This was another great meal in the French Quarter, and there was live music as well. The menu includes a Prix Fix option that allows for a soup, appetizer, entree and dessert. No complaints there! The bread they served with it was also soooo good, but hard to enjoy because you don’t want to fill up on it.

NOLA 052 NOLA 051

My honorable mention if you’re driving from Texas to NOLA is for Crawfish Town USA in Lafayette. I laughed at the name but one look at the menu and I was so glad we stopped. They have  a platter that lets you have a little bit of everything crawfish, including their Crawfish Boulettes – little balls of fried crawfish stuffing. I’d never had something like that before, and I wish there was somewhere in Houston to get them. Seriously, this is a must-stop if you’re in that area.

On the way in we also stopped at Old Tyme Grocery in Lafeyette, which was good too, but honestly sort of paled in comparison to Crawfish Town. It’s worth a stop though, if you’re in that area for more than one meal.

So. That’s not including the food we consumed at Jazz Fest (seriously, the crawfish bread is infamous). Houston is on the gulf so I was surprised that the food in NOLA seemed so much different – but it was such a pleasant surprise.


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