San Diego – Part II

Similar to my posts about New Orleans, I split San Diego into two posts also, so come back tomorrow for part II. I honestly didn’t get to try all the food I was hoping to – we didn’t even get to stop an In and Out Burger! Still, the mix of being on the ocean and so close to the Mexican Border gives San Diego tons of good options.

Our first night there though, we actually ventured away from both of those things and ended up at a Japanese Ramen restaurant Yakyudori Yakitori & Ramen.


Yakitori is a kind of meat skewer, sort of. And comparing this ramen to the 10 cent packs in the grocery store is like comparing real brick oven made pizza to a Tostinos Pizza Roll – not the same at all. My ramen came with pork and a boiled egg and it was so good. The flavor was a really unique one, something just a little different than anything I’d tried here before.

San Diego 099

I loved Lucha Libre so much we ate here twice during the trip. It’s got some unique tacos but the place itself is really unique. Everything is decked out in lucha libra (Mexican wrestling) decor. They have this crazy decked out “champions” booth you can sit at by making reservations online. And, maybe my favorite thing, the fountain drinks didn’t just include soda – they had Horchata, agua frescas and whipped pineapple and orange drinks too. And this:


Awesome right?

I have no pics, but we also enjoyed the Coronado Brewing Company. We only got beer and pizza, so I can’t speak for anything else, but both were great. They offer the beer in a variety of sizes, so you can sample a few smaller sizes if you want. I loved getting to try local brews like this, and I’d highly recommend drinking some of the local brews in San Diego.

We also stopped at Deluxe Dogs while in Coronado. While they weren’t the best hot dogs I’d ever had, they were probably in the top 5. Plus, the lady that owns the place was super nice. Try the lemonade – we had a passion fruit flavor that was so good!

San Diego 073 San Diego 074

We also stopped at Cafe 222 for brunch and ordered some of the Peanut Butter and Banana stuffed French Toast – a favorite of Bobby Flay. This little place had so much good stuff on the menu. It was worth the short wait, and I would come back here in a heartbeat.

San Diego 096 San Diego 095

We rounded everything out with a dinner in Little Italy at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto. You enter the restaurant through a little market, and it is as legit as it looks. We each ordered an entree but could have easily split one. It was a hard choice between the entrees and the pizzas, which looked amazing – we only went with the pasta because we’d had pizza a couple nights before. They make the raviolis in house though, so if you go for anything besides the pizza, get those. Or, go with someone and share a pizza and raviolis!

I know we missed some places, but hopefully we’ll get to go back some day.


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