National Museum of Funeral History

It’s been so long that I almost felt like I should just give up on the blog thing. But then Gabe and I had a Friday afternoon off and we crossed something major off my Houston bucket list and I knew I had to write about it.

The National Museum of Funeral History really sounds like one of the weirdest museums out there. It’s probably not actually, but it might be the weirdest one in Houston. It’s not exactly organized in a great way, but it’s full of really interesting stuff.

 Funeral Museum 1

Tons of hearses. Real ones, from decades ago. They also have an entire room devoted to memorabilia from  famous funerals. Mostly programs (I don’t think that’s the correct term but that’s what I think of them as) – from people like Henry Ford, Martin Luther King and Marilyn Monroe.


There’s also a huge exhibit about the pope which was pretty interesting.


Honestly, the place is sort of like a large scrapbook of someone with a slightly creepy interest. It was totally worth the visit though. I think they should team up with a real curator to help with the overall layout/focus.





They also had this collection of crazy caskets. Yes, that chicken is a casket. Weird right?!


Any suggestions for museums creepier than this one?


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