18 Week Update

I’m about 18 and a half weeks at this point , and i just keep thinking about how surprised I am that we’re almost halfway there!

The Baby:

The baby is about the size of a sweet potato, from head to rump. It’s still faint but getting stronger, but I am sure now that I’m feeling movement. It was hard to tell at first, but it’s becoming a little more obvious. The heartbeat has been strong and above 140 every time I’ve gone to the doctor.

I haven’t had an ultrasound since week 10 and we have just 2 weeks til the next one where we find out the sex. I’m really excited but honestly, just to make sure everything is okay and the baby hasn’t decided to like sprout extra arms or anything.

17 weeks 2


I had a couple of weeks where I didn’t feel so great, but that’s passed an overall things are going pretty smoothly. So far every thing has come out looking good. I took a glucose test on Tuesday and that came back normal, which was a huge relief.

Baby Bump Update:

17 weeks


I was having some self esteem issues but my baby beer gut has developed a bit into what I think looks like a real baby bump. I’ve actually lost 2.5 pounds so it’s all in my head.

I know that you can’t get a great view of the bump in the picture above, but I liked this angle so I’m going with it. This dress from Old Navy is my new favorite thing. It’s soft and comfortable and flattering and very versatile. They have it in 2 colors and I wish that had it in 10 – I’d buy them all.


sweet potato


I think my cravings are more subtle at this point, but all things fall and winter. I mentioned my spaghetti squash, and then on Sunday I needed to make sweet potatoes. So I made a casserole from scratch – and I wanted both pecans and marshmallows. The whole 9 yards. It was totally worth it.

Baby stuff:

We still haven’t bought a tun of baby stuff, but we did buy our first case of diapers (with some awesome coupon codes) and I felt like this was a big milestone.


I’m also telling more and more people at work. We even (attempted) to show my announcement video at a meeting this past week!


2 thoughts on “18 Week Update

  1. I’m about two weeks behind you and having self-esteem issues myself. I feel like hiding in giant tent shirts because my bump is definitely more beer gut than bump. That sweet potato casserole looks a-may-zing!!!

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