It’s a Boy!

On Saturday, we had a full anatomy ultrasound. This was the first time we’d gotten a look at the baby since 10 weeks and the week we found out the sex.

So we invited our families – Gabe’s mom and sister and my parents and two sisters – to come along with us. It was really great having them there. We met at our apartment first for some hot chocolate and muffins and I had sort of a “spy”theme going so everyone could choose whether they thought we had a Nancy Drew or a Hardy Boy. We caravaned over to the doctors office and waited patiently.

Team Boys on the right and Girls on the left.

Team Boys on the right and Girls on the left.

This might be a good time for me to say I love my doctor and the whole staff at CWCC, so if you need an OBGYN in Houston check them out. This visit was only the ultrasound, so we all went straight back to the room. The ultrasound tech measured a ton of stuff but it wasn’t long before we got a very clear realization that it was a boy. I was so surprised, I really thought it was going to be a girl, but we are definitely having a son!

It was also crazy to see how much the little guy has grown – he looked like a large lima bean last time and now he was moving around and had arms and legs, moved his mouth a bit, we even got a look at his aorta. It was really cool to see.

Baby Boy


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